Adora RSA is a state-of-the art system designed and developed to achieve optimum precision and reliability in radiostereometric analysis (RSA) for the benefit of researchers, clinical staff and patients. RSA is a precise method for determining the migration and wear of orthopaedic implants such as hip and other joint replacements. Adora RSA is the world’s first system of its kind using fast, high quality DR imaging technology.

In addition to RSA procedures, the second telescopic X-ray tube column can be parked, i.e. made in-active, enabling all the radiographic examination options which makes the Adora exceptional in terms of ease of use, ergonomics and examination flexibility.

Two telescopic tube columns and advanced controls

To meet RSA configuration requirements, the NRT Adora RSA features two telescopic tube columns. In RSA mode, they operate synchronously/mirrored and are automatically positioned for optimum precision. Individual adjustments of the two X-ray tubes can be made from the Adora touch screen.

Easy APR auto-positioning reduces manual handling

Up to 999 APRs and associated auto positions for both RSA and RAD can be programmed using anatomical DR programme selection. Hands-on, power-assisted positioning can be activated at any time, and minor adjustments can be made to system defaults when needed.

SmartHandle prevents the risk of staff back strain

Automatic operation with smooth, power-assisted movements ensures precise and easy positioning of the detector and tube, even for complex DR examinations. The ergonomic SmartHandle controls up to 3 movements in the X, Y and Z plane at the same time.

User-friendly floating touch screen

The innovative floating touch screen – which displays and controls the SmartHandle movements – tilts to keep text horizontal to the user. Short and simple menus and self-explanatory icons guide the user through every step of the DR process. It also displays patient data and positioning data.

340° rotation table for easy access to the patient

The durable carbon fibre patient table with floating top and 340° rotation around the base ensures easy patient access all around the table, wheelchairs and beds included.

Versatile positioning of tube and detector

Tube and detector are suspended in one ceiling unit rotating around its center suspension axis. The two telescopic arms supporting the X-ray tube and detector can be positioned individually. This facilitates e.g. horizontal projections from each side of the table – enabling both right and left axial hip imaging, without repositioning the patient.

Efficient exposure cycles and image management

Images can be previewed immediately after exposure, and a fast refresh cycle allows for the next exposure to be made almost instantly. Upon post processing and approval, images can be selected and sent straight to the hospital PACS system. The Adora system is DICOM compatible, HIS/RIS ready and integrates seamlessly into hospital information systems.

  • Unique and pioneering design for reliable and precise radiostereometric analysis (RSA)
  • Ultimate flexibility – advanced RSA and standard DR radiography combined in one solution
  • Ultimate ease – ergonomic and easy to operate, less stress on staff and patients
  • Ultimate efficiency – speed up patient throughput, boost productivity, reduce overall costs
  • Ultimate configurability – modular and configurable to meet any DR requirement

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Also available through approved frameworks including NHS SBS, NHS Supply Chain, NHS Scotland, North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative.

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