InstrumentariumEXPRESS™ Origo

Introducing the brand new Instrumentarium EXPRESS Origo digital imaging plate system. Designed for the smaller practice (up to 4 users), it combines smooth workflow and excellent image quality to create a straight forward, stress free day to day experience.

EXPRESS™ Origo shows even the smallest details on its excellent images. But superb clinical results are not only about resolution, it is also very much about excellent contrast and grey-level reproduction. This is particularly important for the clinicians diagnosing caries.

The EXPRESS™ Origo is tuned to repeatedly produce high contrast and good grey levels regardless of the accuracy of the X-ray exposure settings. This makes it extremely suitable for the daily needs at a dental clinic.

The EXPRESS™ Origo is not only good for the caries diagnosis but lends itself to all clinical needs and procedures at the clinic. Multiple imaging plate sizes available to the system make it an efficient tool for all bitewing, periapical and occlusal projection images.

The small plate sizes are particularly suitable for pediatric patients. Comfortable imaging plates are as easy to position as film and there is no risk of breaking cables.

Where the EXPRESS™ Origo really stands out is the fluent and smooth workflow. A familiar workflow is easy to learn and a digital image is available only in seconds. Just insert

the plate.

EXPRESS™ Origo can be easily shared with multiple users in a local network which makes it an economical solution for small clinics.

· EXPRESS™ Origo has first-class technical specifications
· It has a digital display for the patient name and status information
· New image processing delivers always optimized contrast for bone structures (caries diagnosis) even if under or over exposed
· Exposure level indicator helps in determining optimized exposure settings and dose
· EXPRESS™ Origo is designed for small clinics (up to 4 operators)
· EXPRESS™ Origo is compatible with EXPRESS™ consumables (imaging plates, hygiene covers and hygiene bags)
· EXPRESS™ Origo delivery contains 4 imaging plates (2xSize 2 + 2xSize 1) and hygiene accessories for them.
· CLINIVIEW™ imaging software with starter network package (server +1 user) is included. Additional licences may be required. Please speak with our team for more information.

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