MRI and CT – Service of the highest order

The maintenance and repair of high level diagnostic imaging systems adds an exciting new dimension to the established portfolio of Med Imaging Healthcare Services. MRI and CT service provision is now managed out of the latest dedicated MI division, based in Nottinghamshire.

Our team of industry experts bring a vast and varied combination of skills and experience specific to MRI and CT service. The Nottinghamshire office is perfectly positioned in Central England to provide an efficient distribution of parts and engineers in tandem with our offices in Scotland, and our North West England Headquarters.

Recent research into the development of European and American maintenance practices have revealed that the independent Multi Vendor Service of MRI and CT systems is becoming stronger each year, as healthcare organisations benefit from higher standards of service and lower costs at the same time.

As an independent service provider with no agenda to sell replacement MRI and CT systems, we can potentially extend the life of equipment beyond its planned replacement date. Furthermore, using our knowledge and experience of all of the available systems on the market, we can offer an independent insight into which equipment might be a suitable choice when the time does come to replace or add additional systems.

The addition of MRI and CT maintenance to the MI catalogue means that we are in a position to manage full equipment inventories with the bare minimum of out-sourcing.

Therefore, Med Imaging Healthcare are now a Managed Maintenance provider in the unique position of actually servicing equipment without relying on external parties in most instances. After almost 20 years of high quality service in general X-Ray systems, the time is now right for Med Imaging Healthcare to make the logical progression into MRI and CT service.